FPS 132

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The pirate group that attacked Amar’s fleet, Kaidou, was retreating. And I was currently following them back to their base, relying on the red frame that painted them on my AR view by the RQ-11 Raven. 

What looked to be Kaidou’s base of operations was an island on the horizon. It was dyed red as its surroundings were dyed in darkness. I stopped the submarine and opened the TSS, opened the map and displayed the island. It wasn’t any bigger than I expected. Its appearance through the periscope, in a word, was a rock wall. 

Only a small amount of greeny was visible atop the wall. The island itself was a donut shape that rose from the sea with an open center. Red frames were concentrated within that open center. The inner space was apparently the base. Since it was difficult to approach, they didn’t bother to investigate the island as it was surrounded with large rocks and reefs. 

However, it was doubtful how the island was capable of securing food, allowing them to process materials and repair their chips. I don’t think wild animals and fruits could be harvested there. Was everything gained through pirac, or were there some outside collaborators…? 

How should I move from here…

The location was to be known by the captured pirates, but it seemed impossible for the fleet to reach that island through the reefs. If they switched to smaller boats, it’d be weird if the Kaidou pirates didn’t attack them. First of all, should I infiltrate it and check out the situation? I decided to go with that, however, there were various things to consider. 

First, it’d be troublesome if the fact I was here was known. How’d I get there? Even if I answered honestly that I used a submarine, they’d likely not understand, and it’s possible that Piggy Reimon would intervene. Also, from a different point of view, I’d likely be suspected of being a member of the Kaidou pirates. Since it came to that, should I hide my face like Shaft? 

The second reason would be that it’d be unusual for my fake identity, Shaft, to appear on an island in the south without warning. It was way too unnatural. So, I needed a third identity, neither Sachwarts nor Shaft. 

I opened the TSS and went to the Avatar Customization purchased outfits and accessories. I then went to the shop. A combination of items would be necessary for this. It needed to be natural and blended with the sea while also hiding my face. 

I picked an outfit, and looked at it in the 3d preview. I was dressed in a leather pirate captain costume with a hat. But it made me look like some rundown ghost. And on the face, it was the same kind worn beneath Shaft’s mask, a skeleton face. This item set was included in the Ghost Pirate Pack.  If you equipped the skeleton face, the head turned into a skeleton and pale blue flames danced in the eye sockets. 

The bones were visible around my head and neck, but not my entire body. I was also wearing a powered suit underneath, so I didn’t have to worry about losing my mobility, but I had to make sure not to expose as much of myself as possible. 

I saved the outfit so I could change into it at any time. I registered it as ‘Yona’ on my list after Shaft. Next was my equipment. I prepared several oxygen tanks and some consumable items like a lifeboat, etc. It’d take some time to swim to the island, so I took out an underwater scooter as a means of transportation.

All these items were used in VMB’s PvE submarine base infiltration missions, which was similar to what I was about to do… While being a bit nostalgic, I took out the items and waited for darkness of night to come. 

Night came, shrouding the area in darkness. With little starlight reflected in the water, I departed the U-Boat and traveled beneath the waves using the underwater scooter. While not fast, its electric motor made it an easy way to transverse underneath the water. A skeleton face with a small oxygen device on its mouth with goggles looked nothing but surreal. I don’t think I even needed to breathe? I imagined that my heart had turned into a monster’s heart as well, but I guess that wasn’t the case…

I was a skeleton on the surface but a human on the inside. I was slightly relieved with this small bit of knowledge. 

The U-Boat submerged itself once outside my control before turning to the garage. I was worried that the little bit of light would reflect off it and alert a guard. Relying on the map, I approached the island wall while avoiding the reef. I could see a cave that allowed entrance from the sea. This was probably how the Kaidou left, and how I entered while watching my surroundings. 

Candlesticks had been placed in some parts of the cave, their flames swaying like they were ready to disappear. There were no signs of people around, and I thought it was about time for them to sleep when I heard men making noise. To be more exact, it sounded like cheers, screams and angry voices. I also heard several smaller screams, sighs, and the crying of women that were overruled by the men.

I thought that I’d only have to wipe out the pirates, but… Maybe that idea had been rash. 

The exit was dimly lit, and looking ahead on the map, it was wide. It was likely a port. I entered slowly, checking for surveillance from the surroundings with only my head above the water. A port with a large number of ships was anchored. Several were the raid ships from earlier, then more ships of the same size along with several smaller types of boats. Even though I’d nearly sunk 9 ships, they had a lot more huh… 

I hid in the shadows of the anchored ships. As I looked around, I saw rows of huts that appeared to be warehouses around the port area before Isaw a stone staircase. I slowly looked up and saw a network of bridges that threatened to cover the sky. 

Light leaked from a cave dwelling, along with the voices of men and women. The situation was a hard move… The way to it was visible to others, and it was difficult to know what kind of room or how many pirates were in there. If I were found out, there was no doubt it’d turned into a big fight. 


“I told you to not use your teeth! You’re useless, I don’t need you anymore!”

“No, no, I’m sorry – I’m sorry! Forgive me!”


A clear voice came from the nearby cave. When I looked up, a shadow of a sailor moved. A large man lifted a petite woman with one hand and threw her out of the stone corridor. 

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