North Fort: Mil’s brain picture diary: Winter

Mill’s brain picture diary: Winter

Author Note: Because it is a picture diary style, there are many illustrations

I drew so that there are no human faces, so it is safe for people who don’t like bad illustrations.

(I wrote sentences with illustrations, so browsing with no images is not recommended)

Thanks to Meteor for helping TL the pictures

Illustration (By Mimin)

 The first snow fell today.

 The snow stopped quickly, just barely dyeing the training ground white, but I’m happy with the thought that winter will start again.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Today was a warm day compared to yesterday.

 The sun was strong during the day, and the small amount of snow accumulated yesterday melted and changed to muddy.

 Because the ground was in the worst condition, I decided to play in the fort. Let’s hug the one-eyed knight, as well as a towel.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Question from before.

 When I’m carried by Mother, I am carried by the scruff of my neck, but I do not know why my whole body is out of my power for some reason. My limbs won’t move.

 I always thought that it was strange, but recently, I feel like I understand.

 It is dangerous if you move in that position, so if you are caught behind the neck, you automatically run out of power, definitely.

 The instinct is amazing.

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: Slide Slide, Text: Tail


 By the way, when Father carries me, He does it like this. I am put in his mouth.

 I am worried he may someday accidentally swallow me…

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Human hands are wonderful.

 They’re almost as soft as my paw pads, and when the warm hands stroke my head, I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

 Tina and the captain have thin hands, their fingers are gentle and sensitive.

 But I also love the hands of the one-eyed knight. When they were in front of me, I inadvertently rubbed against myself.

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: Buno Buno

 When I went to the fort, Tina gave me a handmade stuffed rabbit.

 She seems not to be very good at sewing, and the seams were coarse and the face of the rabbit was not cute, but I was very happy. I quickly swung it around in my mouth. Fun!

 It is good that the rabbit’s long ears and limbs were there, as I was holding it by the body.

 Tina seemed to want to give the stuffed toy as an offering, and I was worried about my intense way of playing, but she said, “Anything is fine if Mil is having fun.” Thank you. Then, I will not hesitate.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Within a day, I was able to take the head off of my stuffed animal.

 Tina, sorry…

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: BIKUH(flinch) Captain: It would be nice if you liked this…

  Tina said, “I will polish my sewing skills and will make something that can endure Mil-chan’s fierce play, so please wait a bit!”, but since the stuffed rabbit broke, I was depressed for a while.

 Then, one day, I was called by the director general, and I was given a doll. It was a bisque doll made of pottery.

 It seems that the royal craftsmen made it, and it was wearing a peach dress, socks and shoes.

 And of course, the doll itself was also elaborate. Beautiful blue eyes as if it had a soul, curly shiny blond hair…

 …… Mr. Branch Director, different… different.

 The doll I want is not like this…

Illustration (By Mimin)
1: What. This peaceful sight. 2: Makes me feel lazy though

 Because someone is putting fruit on the tree, birds often come to the little garden on the west side of the fort.

 From there, you can see the one-eyed knight’s window and the captain’s office, so when everyone’s busy, I often kill time here. Once his work is done, the knight of the eyes will speak out from the window.

 Today I was having a nap there, and the little birds were gathering. The birds were resting on my fur, but since they weren’t troublesome, I didn’t pay any attention to them.

 And then, the knights on duty happened to pass, and when they saw birds on me, I looked speechless.

 I may have deprived them of their motivation to work.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 I like to rest between a human’s legs. This position is somewhat comfortable.

 So, although I am between the one-eyed knight’s legs, he does not look troubled.

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: Hika

 It seems that snow fell last night, so there was a lot of snow piled up today. It probably won’t melt for a while.

 I was excited, running around in the snow while the knights were shovelling snow.


Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: Dogoh Kix: Ah!

 When I tried to jump over the snowman that Kix took over an hour to make, I wasn’t strong enough and kicked its head with my front paws.

 The head, which I kicked, fell down and broke.

 Kix was depressed, it “took him a long time to make”. Sorry.

Illustration (By Mimin)
1: Looking cute! 2: Looks good on you

 I was quietly abducted by the captain, “I have a present”, and I started trembling in fear – the bisque doll that I was given before was gone. I seem to be cursed – this time I got a dress instead of a doll.

 It’s a pretty pink colorful dress for bisque dolls, not for pets. Because of this, it seems the captain, while stroking me, measured my size.

 Although I was not interested in clothes and dresses, I puffed out my chest unconsciously because of the fancy embroidery. I felt like a lady for the first time.

 It was custom-made and fitted perfectly to my body, but I couldn’t move easily.

 It was hard to move my legs, and it was a bit cramped.

 My mood fell. I’m not good with clothes.

 After cheering up the captain with my appearance, when I showed my dress to the knights, I was praised, “It suits you”, but I still didn’t like it.

 Naked is best.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 It is mofumofu all year round, but it seems that it becomes more frequent in the winter. I do not know why, but it feels good.

 Even though it is my fur, I find it unfair that I can’t pet myself!

Illustration (By Mimin)

 The dress I got from the branch manager before is definitely not cheap. Even if the price is lower than dresses for humans, as less fabric is used.

 But I have not worn the dress since then. Although I felt the captain’s expectation, I pretended not to notice.

 Because clothes make me feel like I’m being restrained. It’s not free.

 When shown the dress, I slowly lowered my tail. Seeing it, the captain doesn’t force me.

 However, he hasn’t given up completely.

 This time, I was given a cute shawl. You don’t have to buy so many things…

 But I kind of like this shawl. It’s cute, but the design is elegant and not too childish, and it doesn’t hinder my movement.

 I’m a snow spirit, so I do not need clothes or any protection from the cold, but I want to please the captain. I’ll wear it occasionally.

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: So~tsu

 When Kugargue came to play on the snowy mountain, at first, he was scared of walking on the snow. You should touch snow more often.

 He walked unnaturally on his toes, trying to somewhat reduce contact with the snow. It was useless.

 Looking at Kugargue’s movements, I remembered creatures that were like that in my previous life. Lizards living in the desert or geckos, when the sand is too hot, walk like that, making interesting poses.

 Kugargue, after a while, gets used to it and ran normally on the snow.

Illustration (By Mimin)
Yes, Ku-san. Ku-san. We’re done.

 Once he got used to snow, Kugargue got better.

 He was strong and kept beating me when we played pro-wrestling together.

 Even so, I’ve never been hurt because when playing with Kugargue, unless he gets excited, then it gets dangerous.

 When Kugargue gets excited, he play-bites at my throat and jumps on me.

 So, when I think that Kugargue is getting excited, I surrender immediately.

 He won’t attack anymore if I show my belly. Because that is the rule.

 When I take a surrender pose at a good time, Kugargue stops attacking but looks frustrated.

 But I will continue using this surrender pose to protect myself. Because I have no pride.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 I am usually in the form of a fox because it is more convenient, but once I am a human, I hold hands with the one-eyed knight.

 You can only do it with hands.

 I tightly hold the one-eyed knight’s hand in the hallway.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 I saw a wild fox in the mountains after a long time. It was a real fox.

 Its fur was not white like mine, it was just fox colour, like between yellow and brown. It’s only a fox. {Google: Looks delicious.}

 The legs were thin, and the eyes were sharp and cool.

 Oh, it quickly ran away?

 …Am I too round?

Illustration (By Mimin)

 My father brought me to the lake today. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, riding on Father’s head.

 It is quite a surreal sight to see a small fox riding on a huge snake as it moves over the lake.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Today I went to the king of humans with Mother. Mother is always in human form when we go to the castle, but I am in my fox form. Transforming into a human makes me tired.

 I am nervous near the king, as usual, so stood still hiding by Mother. Even the royal family and the escort knights seem to be trying to catch a glimpse, so I feel restless. Besides, everyone is beautiful, and there are many people glittering.

 The escort knights are more refined than everyone at the fort, who feel rougher… “Ah, that was my initial impression of knights” I remembered.

 No, I think everyone at the fort is cool! It’s true!

Illustration (By Mimin)

 My mother went to a separate room with the king for something important, and when I was left alone in the guest room, the Crown Prince who stayed in the room gently spoke to me.

 The Crown Prince seems to be a childhood friend of a certain friend of mine: the captain. I was surprised to learn this. Captain, you have friends!?

 The captain was not all alone, I want to cry tears of joy. Wonderful.

 And since he is a friend of the captain, I must get closer to the prince. The friend of my friend is my friend.

 I couldn’t completely get rid of my nervousness, but we got along well and I got a cake.

 After a long time, I could finally eat cake.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 My heart rate increases whenever I see black ink.

 I unconsciously lick my front paw.


Illustration (By Mimin)
1: Baby seal 2: Bwahaha! 3: They look similar

 It was used as a joke.

 I won’t forgive them.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 While the one-eyed knight trained the knights in the training ground, I was sitting quietly in the corner, but I suddenly saw a sword on the wall.

 It seemed to be a sword for training, but it was old, and could not stand anymore shock and broke in two. Since it was no longer usable, it was resting on the wall.

 In the center of the training ground, the knights continued sparring. The one-eyed knight was watching them, not looking over at me.

 I approached the sword. It seems that it was used for training.

 Then it’s not dangerous, right?

I lightly pushed the sword with my front paw and it fell on the snow. I tried lifting the part with the handle with my mouth. Heavy!

 Everybody was always waving such a heavy thing. They’re amazing!

Illustration (By Mimin)

 When I was playing with the broken sword, the one-eyed knight became angry at me.

 Even though I have done many bad things, I’ve never been scolded so angrily.

 But the one-eyed knight should be angry. Because I used an important sword as a toy.

 As I cried, I managed to squeeze out my voice and apologized, “I’m sorry…” and immediately returned home to the mountain that day.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Today I did not go to the fort and instead followed my mother’s patrol.

 I wonder if the one-eyed knight is still mad.

Illustration (By Mimin)
SFX: Bikuh (flinch)

 Today I did not go to the fort, and I went to play with my father along with Kugargue.

 Kugargue who saw father’s appearance for the first time had an interesting reaction, but I could not smile much.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 Today I tried to go to the fort and apologize to the one-eyed knight, but I did not have the courage. The lake at the foot of the mountain was frozen for the first time this winter so I will play around there instead.

 I felt guilty the whole time, which was not fun at all.

Illustration (By Mimin)

 The next day, I went to see the one-eyed knight.

 The one-eyed knight was working in his office and did not notice me, who appeared at his feet, so I got nervous and scratched his boots with my front paw.

 My heart felt like it was going to explode, but as the one-eyed knight saw me, I saw what looked like a relieved expression before getting hugged gently.  The one-eyed knight said, “I thought you wouldn’t come again.”

I was stroked, “It was my bad,” and I broke down. I was relieved to hear that the one-eyed knight did not hate me.

 While shedding tears, “Sorry” was repeated many times, and the one-eyed knight laughed, “I’m fine”.

 Wow, I’m glad I came back!

 The one-eyed knight seemed to be angry because I used a “dangerous” sword as a toy, not because I used “an important” sword as a toy. In other words, I was scolded for doing something dangerous. Really, I’m sorry.

 That day, I got permission from my mother and stayed in the one-eyed knight’s room, and I was pampered to my heart ‘s content. Hehe.

Illustration (By Mimin)
It’s been three days! Speech: Ah, that’s great…!

 Because I had not come to the fort for three days, after reconciling with the one-eyed knight, I was asked to see the captain.

 It seems that the captain knew about the events that happened on the training ground and was worried. Sorry!

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