North Fort – Mil’s brain picture diary: Summer

AN: Also, note that my drawing skill has improved so I have drawn the humanoid form of the water spirit

TN: Too much Japanese in the images, it would take another week to translate them (I have to slowly draw them in google translate)

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Illustration (By Mimin)

This region also has a short summer.

It should be cooler than the summer in Japan, but it is rough on a snow spirit like me.

It is comfortable around the mountain, as the snow lasts all year, but it seems I’m not allowed to go back (as everyone in the fort said), so I am coming to the fort today as well.


My belly steamed.

Illustration (By Mimin)

In the summer at the fort, the number of men without shirts increased.

As soon as training is completed, everyone takes it off as usual, but haven’t they forgotten that there was a girl there?

Please remember. That I am a very pretty girl.

And I want you to take care of me.

Illustration (By Mimin)

One of my weaknesses was found out by Kix. It was awful. {TLN: That her body stops moving when someone picks her up by her neck}

Illustration (By Mimin)

I was handed to someone else.

You’ll regret this!

Illustration (By Mimin)

The one-eyed knight unexpectedly gets drunk easily.

Moreover, it was shocking that he kissed me when he was drunk.

Even though it was on the forehead, why did he kiss me? It became something like an erotic atmosphere for a moment.

Illustration (By Mimin)

The next day, the one-eyed knight had a hangover.

I stared at him with cold eyes, obviously. He kissed me many times.

I will take a week’s worth of jerky as compensation.

Illustration (By Mimin)

There was a strange noise from the rat hole, which should have tightly closed.

Oh no, he is about to break the board from inside!!!

Tina!! This is an emergency!!

Illustration (By Mimin)

When I told Father that it was hard to breathe when I was being carried in his mouth, the way I was carried was reversed. {TLN: Last chapter it showed she was being carried tail out.}

Something still isn’t right about this picture? Right?

Illustration (By Mimin)

It is not an exaggeration to say that the summer is the season of Kugargue the fire spirit.

In the winter he was really shaky, so I wondered what he would be like when summer came, but for some reason, he changed to a gentleman in the summertime.

It seems that he thinks I will melt if I get too much sun, so while we are walking outside, he will try to protect me in his shadow. How kind! I was impressed.

I don’t think it’s hot near him. I absolutely do not think that.

Illustration (By Mimin)

It seems that the captain put the fruit on the tree in the fort for the birds. I asked everyone in the fort.

But I cannot tell the captain. I want to tell him, “Please don’t”.

Because the captain does not know.

In the summer, the birds can find other things to eat, so the little birds are getting fat.

Illustration (By Mimin)

Kix discovered another one of my weaknesses.

Illustration (By Mimin)

A trap was made using weak points.

But I would never jump into Kix’s chest. I will overcome my trauma of ink instead.

Illustration (By Mimin)

Huhuu, happy. Child’s privilege.

My mother is cool and smells nice.

Illustration (By Mimin)

“I ate a cake with Mill.”

♪ ヽ (‘∀ `ヽ) (ノ’ ∀`) ノ ♪ “

A boasting letter came from the crown prince, and the captain, who was burning with jealousy, treated me with cake, but… it’s not good to have too much.

Illustration (By Mimin)

Since I am hot every day, I want to swim in the big lake where my father lives, so I asked “I want to play in the water!”, and was dismissed as “It’s dangerous, so it’s useless…” and instead I got a small puddle made by Father’s ability.

This is different!

This is not really playing in the water!

Illustration (By Mimin)

As I steadily pounded the puddle while sitting, my father sighed and changed into a human, and brought me to the lake. The water is cold. It is exciting.

Illustration (By Mimin)

I practiced swimming while holding on to Father.

I didn’t take swimming lessons in my previous life.

Someday I will be able to swim in butterfly.

Illustration (By Mimin)

As I was swimming, it seemed that the time flew by, and Mother came to pick me up.

“Are you planning to monopolize my Milfiria?!” When I saw my angry mother, I was worried that they would start fighting, becoming a large argument, but it did not happen after all.

It was because Father ignored Mother’s words and interrupted her, saying “Snowlea… It’s been a while…” After returning a greeting, she was told she was “as usual… beautiful”.

Mother seemed to be caught off guard, because she said, “I do not know what to say”, quickly forgetting her anger.

Father, it’s fine, right?

Illustration (By Mimin)

I got a stuffed animal that was not cute from Tina.

Moreover, it is big. Wasteful. There is no point in it being large.

And it is not cute. Although I’ve said it already, it is not cute.

However, as the height of the foot is just right for resting my chin, I decided to use it for that purpose.

Tina was delighted and said, “Mil is sleeping with the bear I made!”


Tina, I don’t have a bear.

Illustration (By Mimin)

When I went out with Kugargue, he was desperate and tried to make shade for me as usual.

He’s either being kind or trying to get me to like him again, it’s hard to tell.

Even if he was trying to shield me from the sun, the sun was facing the opposite direction, so I was still getting hit by the sun’s rays. There was no point in the shield.Illustration (By Mimin)

The one-eyed knight gave me a block of ice.

While thinking that I was not a polar bear in a zoo, I took full advantage of the coolness of the ice block.

Illustration (By Mimin)

When I was hanging out with the young Knights, including Kix, during the break time playing with water, I accidentally spilled a bucket of water when the captain passed by.

No, I wasn’t the one who took a bath.

The captain was drenched and glaring at us with icy eyes. The young knights immediately went into a dogeza. Kneeling on the ground, “I’m really sorry!!”, with their foreheads on the ground.

I also went into a dogeza.

No, I wasn’t the one who got you wet, I promise!

However thanks to the dogeza, the captain didn’t blame us. A sighing captain with wet hair, it was wonderful.

Illustration (By Mimin)

After leaving the younger knights, I ran after the captain who had gone into the building. The younger knights asked me, ‘Please please make the captain happy please please Mil-sama’. It can’t be helped, let’s go.

When I caught up with the captain, I apologized again, and he laughed and poked my nose.

If I thought that he forgave me, but I was abducted and dried with a towel. I liked being wet~!

Illustration (By Mimin)

I discovered “sticks that felt good” which I quietly gathered in the corner of the cave, but they were thrown out after Mother discovered them.

How awful…

My “nice wooden sticks”-!!

Illustration (By Mimin)

I was like this in my previous life as well, but I am not good with insects.

I am afraid of the sound the wings make, buzz buzz, and it makes me feel scared.

Caterpillars and others are fine, but I feel terrible when there are big flying insects.

Illustration (By Mimin)

It seems that I fell asleep while I was waiting for everyone to take a break in the fort’s lounge.

In my dream, I met my previous life’s family.

“- chan, come on”, everyone calls my name. A name that is not a Mil.

Mother was always being gentle and bright. Father was a fun person. My sister sometimes teased me.

Although I loved everyone, I wonder why I cannot remember their faces.

I wonder what my family did after I died. I’m sure they were sad. It must have made them cry.

Sorry, I am really sorry…

Illustration (By Mimin)

I seem to have cried while sleeping and worried the knights that came to take a break when I woke up.

Everyone’s panicked faces are funny and somewhat interesting, so my tears retreated unintentionally.

I am a very happy person. Because there are lots of gentle people around me both in my past life and this life.

I sincerely wished that my previous life’s family are happy.

(The sentences are repeated for some reason)

Illustration (By Mimin)

I regret not being able to show gratitude or love properly to my family in the past.

So I decided to express my feelings firmly in this world.

Let’s say “I love you” to the one-eyed knight, to Mother, to Father, to the captain, to Tina and the other knights, and occasionally to Kix and Kugargue.

“Thank you always”.

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