NF V2C4 The Captain’s Circumstances (2)

This isn’t a partial chapter or anything, this is the captain’s circumstances mini-arc (most of the chapters this volume are parts of mini 2-3 chapter arcs)

“Hey, Kix.”

 After I finished eating my meal, when the one-eyed knight stood up as the cafeteria’s uncle called him up, I approached Kix secretly.

 In the dining room, there were some knights eating the snacks that were available, others were just drinking tea while relaxing with their colleagues. People here eat lots in the morning and at night, so they don’t eat much during the day.

 Kix grabbed a small green apple and put it on the table at my feet.

 No one got mad, but Kix seemed confused and fidgeted a little.

“What, Mil, do you not want an apple?”

 Kix finally said that and I stared at him.

 I don’t need to eat, Kix!

 Although I thought that, I couldn’t help but confirm the smell of it for the time being. I knew the smell of apples.

 But this apple seemed to be sourer than the Japanese apples in my memory. My nose wrinkled with the sour odour.

 Like citrus fruits, my nose seemed to recognize sour things as dangerous rotten things, and the apple in front of me did not stimulate my appetite. Fruits should have sweet flesh. (TL: Royal Gala is the best apple btw)

“I don’t need it. Actually…”

 I stretched my neck, avoiding the apple that was presented to me, and sneakily went up to Kix.

“What is Sarrell like?”

 If he became the new captain at the fort, I wanted to know what kind of person he was.

 Of course, I didn’t want the Captain to return to the kingdom so it would be for the best if everything stayed the same.

 Kix responded while frowning.

“He wears glasses, and his hair is parted to one side. He’s fussy and annoying.”

 What did you say? Despite looking like a (TL: nerd) nice, intelligent person, he seems like an unpleasant guy.

“He’s so fussy, it’s the worst. He has a bad habit, he wants everything clean. When I’m not dressed correctly, or I have bed-hair, he will glare at me.” (TL: sounds like my mom)

“He doesn’t sound that bad…”

 The knights in the fort were somewhat unrefined compared to the knights in the castle of the kingdom.

 Cleanliness is a good thing, it would also be good for everyone to care more about their appearance.

“Fine, there is a rumour that Captain Sarrell became captain of his team with connections and pressure. Now my older brother is following him. The Cromwell house is also a duke’s house, and Captain’s position is around the same as Sarrell’s, but the way they got the position is different. The Captain got here with pure effort, but when you look at what Captain Sarrell is capable of, he could’ve pulled some strings. Do you really want him in charge of the fort? “

 It would certainly be a problem if a nobleman without any ability came to the fort. I’m worried if he can overcome the harsh winter and bring together the rookie knights in the fort.

 Actually, the captain was, in the beginning, looked down upon by the knights in the fort, but he was recognized because of his ability.

” I think Captain takes care of every single subordinate, so he is popular in the fort.”

“Were you one of the ones who spread rumours about him?”

 When I asked, Kix looked a little sad. Looks like I hit the bulls-eye.

“Yeah… Now I know I was lucky, but in the past, I was irrational and immature, and I didn’t really like him, so I was curious and asked Gild to pry into his private life… Anyways, I guess spirits don’t really know much about the various things we humans do, but there are a lot of things you do that Captain Sarrell wouldn’t like.”


 While I was listening to his story, I do not feel like I definitely felt Sarrell wouldn’t like me. It seems that he likes cleanliness, and I doubt he will allow me, who scatters hair all over the place, to live here?

 I sometimes walk on the carpet in the captain’s office without cleaning up after jumping around in the mud in the stable, is that okay?

“Well, what he wants badly enough to come here… Mil, he must be aiming at you, have a bigger sense of crisis.”

“Oh, me?”

 After thinking for a couple of seconds, my blood turned cold.

“No way… He wants to pet my fur a lot?” {TL: Uh… No.}

“He’s not aiming for your fur, he wants you because you’re a snow spirit. He thinks he’ll have a connection with a spirit if he comes here.”

 Certainly, spirits are a special existence, so in some cases, it may be more useful than having a connection with the royal family.

“You probably don’t know this, but Captain Cromwell’s evaluation within the knight teams is higher than before because he is liked by Snow Spirit Milfiria.”

“What happens because I like him?”

“In emergencies, the possibility that Snowlea will cooperate with us is higher than before. We don’t completely rely on spirits, but the Captain likes you a lot. Some of the knights and aristocrats know that including Captain Sarrell, and nobody ambitious like him would want a rival in their way. Sarrell is definitely using this opportunity to send Captain Cromwell back to the royal capital and replace him as the captain of the fort. “

 So that’s why Kix was describing Sarrell as “ambitious”.

“I don’t want a person like that in charge of the fort.”

 I don’t want to be used by Captain Sarrell to raise his own evaluation.

“I should tell Captain that Mil wants him to drive away Captain Sarrell… Well, the Captain is young and not very famous, so it will probably be difficult.”

 I rarely see Kix in low spirits. It seems that he knows Sarrell will be hard to deal with.

 I waved my tail and said,

“Don’t worry, I’ll go!”

“Good luck, Mil!”


 I began to run before remembering I was on a table.

“…Uh, can you get me off this table first?”

 I can’t get off tables by myself!

“Mr. Shido!”

 He told the one-eyed knight I was going home while I left the cafeteria and headed to the Captain’s office.

 It’s hard to open doors by myself as well, so I bent down and called for the Captain from the small gap at the bottom of the door. It’s easier to use my voice for stuff like this.

 I tried using my paws at first, but only my nails can get through the gap.

 When I heard the captain’s footsteps becoming louder, I got up and backed away from the door.

 When the door opened quietly, the captain looked left and right around the corridor with an expressionless face. It seems that he’s checking if anyone other than me is around, as usual.

“You come often.”

 When he realized no one else was around, the Captain relaxed his expression and invited me inside.

 As soon as he shut the door he reached for me, but I quickly avoided it.

 If you want to pet my fur, ask first!

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