Northern Fort V2C1 – Mysterious Letter

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The mountain was covered in a layer of snow, and the snow around the fort had melted. We welcomed a late spring. Three years had passed in a blink of an eye since I’ve come to this world. I had wandered into the fort when I was one. When I was two, I had finally become able to turn into a human. All throughout this time, my growth… Isn’t very obvious, honestly speaking…

Although normal cats and dogs are already considered adults when they turn three, my fox form is as round as ever with my large head. My limbs are short, I can’t accept it! I want to be more like Mother! She is beautiful and bountiful!

“Milfiria, it’s time to get up.”

Inside the cave on the top of the mountain, I was asleep when Mother gently woke me up. But I didn’t want to wake up yet. “I don’t wanna,” I replied in my mind, but being lazy, I only huffed at Mother through my nose. Despite being a doting mother, she was strict with her education. She rolled me over with her nose.

“Well, let’s do some special tree climbing training today.”


I stared absentmindedly at mother like she was a slaver. She really believes pushing her child down a cliff will raise a strong child! I don’t really want to be strong. Since I’ve been reborn as a precious fox-spirit, I want to live by eating, playing, and sleeping. I tried to crawl away on the ground, but my mother caught me by my neck. I tried to protest by barking and digging my nails into the ground… She just ended up dragging me out of the cave as my nails dragged across the cave’s floor with a “Zuzzzzzle!

“Mother, today’s weather is really nice! How about we don’t climb trees today?”

Mother only shook her head with a murmur, “This child can’t be helped” while still pulling me. It was terrible, I felt like a prisoner being taken to the gallows!

What exactly would I need to climb trees for anyways? I have nothing to do up there. I wanted to complain. I would just end up scolded, though. Mother stopped walking, then dropped me into the snow and I let out a surprised yelp.

“These training sessions are for strengthening you so I don’t have to worry about you forever. You’re so adorable, but also small and weak… I want you to be able to care for yourself when I am no longer around in the future…” Tears began to pool in Mother’s eyes. No, I can worry about those things in the future, I have decades for it. I’m still growing and I won’t be here forever. I’m glad Mother was thinking of me so much, but… she’s such a worrywart…

A sudden strong gust of wind blew. With it was a light-brown paper. It fell at our feet. Mother turned into her human form. A spirit with white skin like snow, long silver hair appeared. My mother was wary of it since nothing normal would be able to make it up here. Even I was suspicious of this rather thick piece of paper. I wondered how it managed to make it up here. While I had these thoughts, the Mother picked up the paper and opened it up.

It was a letter?

I couldn’t see what was in it, but it appeared to have something written on it. After Mother read it, she crumpled the paper angrily and ripped it apart.

“Mother, what’s wrong…?”

She let go of the remnants of the poor letter, letting it blow away in the wind.

“What was written in it?”


Mother replied in a low, angry voice while looking up at the sky. She didn’t say anything, but it seemed like something angered mother. Who though? As far as I knew, humans couldn’t do something like that.

“Are you okay…?”

I was worried about what she read. Mother paced around for a moment while fidgeting. She then stopped and looked down at me while smiling.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry…”

Even though she said that she took a deep breath.

“Indeed, Hiruga has no passion…”

Hiruga was the name of the fire spirit, Kugargue’s father. Perhaps it was a love letter from Hirugapapa. It didn’t go as far as, say, human love. It did seem though he did like Mother and would occasionally visit in the summer. Though the combination of summer and a fire spirit’s aura is the worst, so Mother is always chasing them out.

“It’s always hot and stuffy in the summer, why do you always come in the summer!?”

“Because the mountain is too cold to play in when it’s winter!”

“Why should I have to apologize ?! You’re the one that wanted to come to visit!”

“I thought you were lonely!”

“Don’t say such foolish things!”

That was the interaction last summer when Hirugapapa came over. Mother was angry. Hiruga-papa was noisy and loud so Mother would shout at him in anger. Then she would chase him out and breathe heavily with anger. I didn’t really think it was that impossible for them to get along, but Mother was always refusing to do so.

In that respect, Kugargue is relatively safe since he is young. Since he’s young, his aura isn’t too strong and because Kugargue is often with me, I can help adjust his power because I’m more aware of it. I’m not sure if he’s doing on purpose or not, but he seems to hold a lot of his aura in. He’s a child that can handle a lot, it seems.

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30 thoughts on “Northern Fort V2C1 – Mysterious Letter

    1. me too, i remember some illustration Mil has her child form and there was a small brown animal with small ember at its tail that must Kugargu…. but it sound like kangaroo so idk _(┐「ε:)_

      thanks for the update!

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        1. yeah, the translation of this chapter is a failure, Hiruga is not Mil’s father, he’s a spirit of fire who has a son Kugargue of the same age as Mil, he’s trying to get them together in the future

          Mil took the habit to call him Hirugapapa, but he’s not Mil’s father, Mil’s father is a spirit of water, we would have known of it if all the extra chapters between volume 1 and volume 2 had not being skipped

          there are 7 in between extra chapters before volume 2, there are major plot points in them, we shouldn’t skip them at all, (also please redo the translation of this volume 2 chapter 1 later, it’s too confusing)


            1. i’m just saying, no real point paying a translator if he’s not even as good as google translation


                1. take this line for example: “Hiruga was the name of the Spirit of Fire, my father.” should be “Hiruga was the name of the Spirit of Fire, Kugargu’s father.”

                  your translation make it look like Hiruga is mil’s father, which he isn’t
                  your translation even skipped the next sentence completely, it was the sentence that explained why she called him “Hirugapapa” while he isn’t her father!

                  the bad translation followed by the missing explanation just make it confusing for everyone who doesn’t read the raw


                  1. Im an MTL -> machine< i cant edit what doesnt come kut right.

                    What i was telling you. Im wiling to hire actual translators to do the chapters.

                    As i did for the next one. But im not going to hire them out of pocket :u i want to read this story too.


          1. It will get done… eventually :u if one wants things done quicker, money can move translators(literally, I had to hire one for the next one because of a scheduling error)


      1. I didn’t even have discord so… didn’t even know there was a poll over there. I wonder how the translator phrase the poll, is it just “Should I translate the Side stories too?” without telling what is IN the side stories…?

        That aside, the translator has the right over which parts they want to translate so I’m not gonna complain over it, we are “leechers” afterall.


  1. What. The side stories were skipped?! What?! Why?!
    Side stories are the fluffiest of fluff and the cutest of cute.
    And this whole chapter is just but loads of confusion.
    Not trying to sound ungrateful. But like.
    What, please.
    One should not skip chapters in a book.
    Chapters tie together and are always linked together.
    No matter how small and irreveleant one plot point might be. It will still help and she’s light on others.
    Ash-sama! Even you are confused at this new chapter! How could you let this happen!
    Not trying to be ungrateful, but I’m highly frustrated.

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      1. Uh… yes, we can. It might have made more sense to have the poll here by asking everyone to comment. Then at least you’d know that you reached the readers. I didn’t even know you had a Discord. I haven’t read the novel version, but I did read and MTL the webnovel version quite aways during the summer, and I was confused by the sudden three year gap and the lack of explanation in this chapter. I stopped reading at the point was Hiruga was introduced as her father. Her real father is so awesome… Poor dad…


        1. It’s all on the side bar of the website. I’ve been advertising my discord for a while
          C-20 it was at the top of the chapter
          Its also in the side bar of the page which can be seen from every page of the site

          “All updates and notices will now only be posted on my Discord server. Link on home page.

          Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

          If you wish, go translate it yourself and you can post your links all over every chapter. ;]

          I’m not going to be doing polls for three different stories, doing three different posts and having to monitor them for three days each


          1. I suppose it’s because I read on my phone, and the side bar isn’t visible on it. The notice you mention is visible, but only after all the comments, and I pretty much never scroll down that far.


            1. I cant do anything about that. The information is there. The next time is I just link blast the beginning of every chapter of all three chapters.

              Which im tired of doing


  2. Ugh. I can’t see introduction to characters as a side story, unless those characters stay in only the side story chapter. What a shame, that made this chapter so confusing. I don’t blame the translator, but I feel like we’re loosing out on the information.


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