North Fort V2C2 – Hirugapapa

“Hey, Mother, Kugargue and Hirugapapa … ….”

 I talked to Mother who was holding me and going down the mountain. Since there was only snow near the top of the mountain, we were going to a place where trees grow.

 Regrettably, it seems that tree climbing practice is continued.

“He is not your father.”

“I know, ‘Papa’ means Kugargue’s papa “

 My mother does not like the fire spirit’s nickname “Hirugapapa”. The wrinkles between her eyebrows deepened.

“So Kugargue also lives in this country, right?”

“That’s right.”

 Kugargue and his father live in the same country as we do, Alidora, and they live in a volcano in the south.

 I used the movement technique twice to meet Kugargue and because I saw something scary, but I was relieved because it was not a burning hell with magma always flowing out like I thought.

 It seems that it was an active volcano, but the last eruption was over 400 years ago, and it is a quiet volcano with no signs of erupting.

 Plants grow as you go down the mountain from the crater and the green forest where Kugargue lives is also spreading.

 Actually, the fire spirit was originally from a southern country where the sun is shining all year round, but he said that he moved to this country about a dozen years ago.

  Alidora has a temperate climate, except for the area near Mount Snowlea in the north. It gets hot in summer, but it is much cooler compared to the southern country.

“Why did you come to this country? “

 When I went to play at Kugargue’s place, I asked Hirugapapa. I thought that the climate of the southern country would fit the fire spirit.

 However, he showed white teeth and smiled cheerfully and said the reason.

“I followed Snowlea. I thought it would be better to live nearby when we made a child! “

 Actually, it seems that he planned to live closer to Mount Snowlea, but it seems that Mother strongly refused that, as well as having a child.

 Well, he settled on the southern edge, and if Mother let him do that, I will give him my permission as well.

 Though Mother refused to make a child, he remained in Alidora, so I think that Hirugapapa really likes Mother.

 However, it is quite a refreshing feeling for me, as they are acting like human beings.

 Since Mother refused to make a child, and Kugargue was born, and then I was born.

 It seems spirits live for a really long time.

 The only spirits I know of are Mother, Father, and Hirugapapa for now, but if they are arranged in order of age, Mother is 28 years old (she said so), the fire spirit is approximately 4000 years old, and father is around a hundred thousand, and it seems the longer they live, the more calm they are. {TN: One of these ages is a little suspicious…}

 Father shows almost no emotion and never gets angry even if I scream as loud as I can.

 When you make a loud noise in front of the large snake, you are silently stored in its mouth.

 I want you to stop because my heart pounds each time. I feel like I’ll be accidentally swallowed one day.

“What was in the letter from Hirugapapa?”

 Since I do not like climbing trees, I try to take Mother’s mind away from special training somehow.

 Let’s talk about love instead!

 But Mother’s expression didn’t change, she did not seem like she was interested in talking about love.

“You don’t have to worry”

 Mother’s eyes slowly drifted up, and I was lifted even higher.

 I wondered why she disliked Hirugapapa so much. He has no delicacy and is too hot, but he’s a nice person.

 And, as I was thinking, we reached the forest.

“Try to climb it,”

 Mother set me down in front of a tree. Although I would like to go to bed, I decided to try my best.

 However, my nails don’t grip on the bark well, so I struggled hard. I put my front paws on the trunk, stood up with my hind legs and tried to jump, but I couldn’t go any higher.

 After trying hard several times, I look up on my mother with patience.

“Mother, it’s impossible, I, I am not a cat … ….”

“What are you talking about? Wild foxes climb up trees to rest all the time, just watch me.”

 Mother turned back into a fox, chose the thickest tree around, started running, rushed up and climbed. Looking down at me from a high branch, she gently descended to the ground before the branch broke.

“Wow, Mother is amazing!”

 Even though she was bigger than an ordinary fox, she easily climbed a tree. I shouted, impressed.

 My mother was slightly smiling.

“Well, it’s your turn”


 My excitement immediately cooled down. After that, while being pushed by mother’s nose, it became easier to climb a tree.

“Use your hind legs!”


After the special climbing training in the morning, I headed for the fort as usual.


 I told Mother “I’m off!”, and used the movement technique targeting the one-eyed knight from the cave.

 Recently, I have succeeded once in about five times if I target the captain or Tina, but I have never succeeded with Kix.

 I want to go to that person! The strong feeling of wanting to go may be important.

 Imagining the figure of the one-eyed knight and going to him, my body turned into a small blizzard, swirled and vanished.

 I feel a little bit scared of losing my body at this time, so I never get used to it.

 But it is also instantaneous, so when I open my eyes, I should have arrived at the one-eyed knight …. why did I come out in a dark and narrow place?.

 Immediately in front of me was a wall, and there was a low ceiling.

 What is this! What is this! As I panicked, I scratched the wall in front of me, violently banging with my front paws.

 While calling the one-eyed knight in my mind, I called “One-eyed knight!” many times.


 I heard the one-eyed knight’s voice behind me, so I immediately turned around. While sitting in a chair, the one-eyed knight was looking at the place I was in.

 Looking at the place I was in? Am I inside the one-eyed knight’s desk?

 It was embarrassing that I was rushing and not making noise behind me as well. I gently brought back my front paw that was in the middle of scratching the inside of the desk.

“What are you doing in such a place, you should come out.”

 The one-eyed knight lifted me up by the neck and gently placed me on his knee. It seems that I looked scared and upset. Oops.

 The accuracy of my movement technique is terrible, as it kind of feels like, “Anywhere within a radius of 10 meters, around the one-eyed knight”, so sometimes I end up in an unexpected place like this.

 Once, when the one-eyed knight was galloping on a horse on the way back from patrol, I didn’t land on the horse or on the ground in front of him, the ground behind him, so the one-eyed knight didn’t notice me.

 I have bad memories of when I chased him desperately while crying.

“I will be done in a bit.”

 The one-eyed knight continued working with one hand holding a pen and the other on my head. He was writing something on a document on his desk, but I didn’t understand the content at all.

 Since I want to be able to read and write letters someday, I tried to read the letters written by the one-eyed knight.

 But, it was very boring.

 I noticed that it was easy to put my chin on the desk and observe the movements of the pen tip without the one-eyed knight noticing. What’s for lunch today…?

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